October 31, 2020

Over The Moon Movie review : Netflix animated movie

Over The Moon is a musical animated movie released in the year 2020. It was initially released at Montclair Film Festival followed by a Netflix release on October 23rd, 2020. The movie is directed by Glen Keane and the screenplay is written by Audrey Ann Wells. Over The Moon is the third co-production from the Netflix animation division, the other two are The Willoughbys and Klaus. This movie is dedicated to the late Audrey Ann Wells. Cathy Ang is the voice behind the lead character Fei Fei, John Cho, and Ruthie Ann Miles have given their voice to Fei Fei's father and mother's respectively.

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Netflix Over The Moon Poster

Over The Moon Movie plot and review

Like most animated movies, this movie also opens up by providing a glimpse of the childhood days of the lead character Fei Fei. After a few minutes story fast forwards to the later stages of her life.

Over the moon animated movie
Young Fei Fei with her parents

Father, mother, and Fei Fie - one happy family who makes their living by selling mooncakes. The fairytale of Chang'e and Houyi is narrated to Fei Fei by her parents, in which Chang'e consumes an immortal pill and vanishes to Moon and mortal Houyi passes away on Earth. Though Houyi is no more, Chang'e awaits for her one lost love in the Moon. Fei Fei falls in love with the story and develops lots of respect for Chang'e. 

As Fei Fei grows up, she loses her mother due to a terminal illness. Fei Fei manages to overcome this tragedy of her life and involves herself in the mooncake business. But soon she will be struck with another not so good news. Fei Fei's father decides to marry Mrs. Zhong who also has a kid. Since Fei Fei grew up listening to the story of one true love for life, she will not be able to accept the fact that her father is getting remarried. Along with that Mrs Zhong's son, Chin turns out to be a rambunctious and annoying kid. 

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Over The Moon - Chin

The only option that Fei Fei is left with to stop her father from getting married again is to find Chang'e and prove everyone can wait for their lost true love. Thus Fei Fei sets her mission to Moon to find Chang'e. Will Fei Fie be able to find Chang'e? will there be any obstacles in her path to the moon? Will she be able to stop her father's marriage? is rest of the story. 

Over The Moon is a movie for kids of age group between 10-15. Kids below that age group may not really enjoy the movie as they might find it difficult to understand the story. Also unlike other animated movies such as Kung Fu Panda, Finding Nemo, Shrek, etc, this isn't meant for adults either.

Although the story of the movie is set in China, I wonder why the characters don't look Chinese. Every 5-10 minutes there is a song which is a little overdone even for a musical movie I suppose. For an animated movie to be successful it should be visually appealing but the characters in the moon are too glowy and vibrant in color which drags down the visual factor to the negative side. Personally, I like animated movies when it is humorous, but this one isn't as funny as other famous ones.

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Over The Moon - Space Scene

There are some good takeaways from the story such as overcoming the rough phase of life, letting go of the past, moving on with a new person, and so on. 

Overall it's an average movie that is meant for a specific set of audiences.

Netflix's Over The Moon and the legend of Chang'e

Fairy tale about Chang'e and Houyi which is narrated to Fei Fei by her parents isn't specifically written for this movie. Turns out it's a famous Chinese legend that has multiple variations. One famous variation goes like this,  Chang'e is the Chinese goddess of the Moon. In the distant past, ten sons of the Jade Emperor transformed into ten suns and rises together to the sky to scorch the Earth. Archer Houyi shoots down nine out of ten suns and as a result, he will be rewarded with the elixir of immortality. Houyi do not wish to have an immortal life without his beloved love Chang'e and lets Chang'e to keep it. But Chang'e drinks the elixir and vanishes to Moon leaving behind mortal Houyi in the earth.
Every year Chinese celebrate the Mid–Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, and worship Chang'e the Chinese goddess of the Moon.

Other variants of the story can be read in below links as well

Fei Fei in Over the moon
Grown-Up Fei Fie

Opening dialogue of  Over The Moon Movie

"Scientists can tell us many things about space, they can tell us how far away the stars are, they can tell us that space starts 100 kilometers above the Earth. But they can't tell us about the space dog!!  he likes to chase comets and roll in the stardust!  As far as the space dog is concerned, the moon is just a big tempting ball. And almost every night he takes a bite."

Few funny dialogues in Over The Moon Movie

Chin - "I got a superpower  can you guess what it is ?"
Fei Fei - "super annoying ?

Chin - "Do u know what I am ?  a Bat!!! "
Fei Fei - "yeah ding bat"

Character in Moon - "Looks like moon goddess is astronomically upset"

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