December 04, 2020

Don't Listen ( Voces) - Netflix Horror Movie Review

Dont listen Netflix horror movie review
Voces horror movie review

Don't Listen aka Voces is a Spanish horror movie, released on November 27th, 2020 and it is available on Netflix in English. Don't Listen is directed by Ángel Gómez Hernández, and written by Santiago Díaz and Ángel Gómez Hernández. Movie stars Rodolfo Sancho, Ramón Barea, and Lucas Blas in main roles.

Don't Listen - Netflix Horror Movie Review

German and Daniel in Don't Listen horror movie

We all know that Netflix's horror movie collection isn't great. In fact, we give up on many horror movies when we are halfway through. But Don't Listen has somehow managed to surpass the average line. It's a decent horror movie that can be watched once. The story isn't gripping as such but a few scary scenes and background music will keep you engaged.

Don't Listen is definitely scarier than other Netflix horror movies. It can be best experienced at night with lights switched off. Most of the story takes place in a secluded house and only fewer scenes are shot outside. A couple of scenes are gore and disturbing. Background music seems to be subtle most of the time and suddenly it amplifies to give a chilling experience.

There is not much action in the movie, even at the end, everything gets over in a couple of minutes. The storyline is quite flat without any twists as well. In general, it's a cliche that the ghost scares the audience. Instead, background music and screenplay take the responsibility to scare the audience. However, in this movie ghost looks a little scary and blends well with the screenplay.

Nine years old Eric appears to be the protagonist at the beginning of the movie and I was expecting some good performance from him. Turns out Eric's dad Daniel is the protagonist, which seemed
disappointing for while, but eventually, it gets covered up

"Running away from everything isn't the best solution" told by Germán to his daughter Ruth is the only good quote that I came across in this movie. But I clung to it the moment it was delivered.

Overall it's a good movie provided you keep your expectations low.

Don't Listen (Voces) Netflix movie summary

Good netflix horror movie 2020
Don't Listen horror movie summary

  • Daniel makes his living by renovating houses. Daniel along with his son Eric and wife Sara moves to a huge secluded house for renovation work.

  • Eric starts listening to a voice through his walkie and interacts with them.

  • A female therapist meets Eric and tries to figure out his problem. Later she dies on the way back to her home. Eric who has the habit of drawing, draws the picture of the therapist's accident even before it happens.

  • All of a sudden Eric goes missing and Daniel finds him dead in the pool. Daniel finds something fishy about Eric's death because Eric knew swimming and the possibility of Eric drowning in a pool is low.

  • Sara moves out of the house after Eric's death and Daniel continues to stay there. 

  • Daniel sends a voice message to Sara. The next day Sara calls Daniel and explains that there is lots of disturbance in the voice message. Daniel gets to hear Eric's voice when he amplifies and listens to it carefully.

  • Daniel approaches paranormal expert and writer Germán and requests for help. Germán and his daughter Ruth visits the house and start their investigation.

  • Sara gets a call from dead Eric requesting for help. Sara visits the house but she gets thrown out of the window by the demon.

  • Ruth notices a bunch of dead cats hung from a tree. Turns out it's an indication that Daniel has encroached on dead witch's territory.

  • Daniel, Germán, and Ruth break into the basement of the house and they find the mummified body of the witch. The only way to get rid of evil is to burn down the body.

  • As Germán tries to burn the body, both Daniel and Ruth gets possessed by the ghost. Somehow German manages to shoot down the witch's body and burns it.
  • After getting rid of the evil, Daniel goes through the drawings of Eric and finds a picture of a person drowning his kid in the pool. Daniel gets some vision from the past and he realizes that he is the one who killed Eric.

  • Daniel shoots and kills himself in front of the pool. As the movie ends, the camera focuses on a drawing of a man shooting himself in front of the pool.

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐☆☆

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